Pitcher Perfect!

Summertime is iced tea time, but when you think of iced tea, you have to also think about iced tea pitchers! These two items go hand and hand when brewing a refreshing glass of iced tea. Making iced tea is an easy process, and its methods can vary. You can brew it light or strong, drink it unsweetened or sweetened and steap in using hot water or the sun. Well, iced tea pitchers comes in many variations as well and can either help or interfere with you creating the next perfect brew. We have broken down key components to have in any iced tea pitcher below!

The Right Size For You

Serving a large group? Make sure your pitcher is ideal for cookouts, big get-togethers, or an iced tea-loving family. A 50 oz to 68 oz pitcher should make enough for a crowd. If you are brewing for yourself, any pitcher under 50 oz should work fine!

Built In Filter

Don’t make things harder on yourself. Like we stated before, making iced tea is easy. And it’s even easier when the filter is included within the pitcher. This leaves out the tea bags and that can be hard to get out of the pitcher at times since the string is prone to break.

Secure Design

You may have had the experience of getting ready to pour your iced tea into your glass and then the lid to your pitcher goes flying. Without needing to be said, having a secure lid on your pitcher is key to save you from embarrassing moments and wasteful situations.

Glass, Glass, Glass!

Don’t limit yourself to plastic containers that leave you only being able to make cold brews. With glass pitchers, you can steap hot and cold brews!

The proof is in the pitcher. Add any of our pitchers to your teaware collection today and start enjoying refreshing iced tea now. You might consider getting 2 pitchers. Choose between our list below or visit our website to explore our iced tea packages here: https://premiumsteap.com/collections/gift-cards

Easy Iced Tea Maker

Flask Glass Iced Tea Jug

Hot & Cold Tea Pitcher

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