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  • Pumpkin Fever + Pumpkin Chai Recipe

    It’s that time of year again! Leaves are starting to fall, and pumpkin fever is upon us. Join us in making one of our favorite pumpkin chai recipes or drinking some of our favorite pumpkin teas. Keep reading for everything about the best and most popular flavor of fall.  Why Is Pumpkin So Popular... View Post
  • Summer Iced Tea & Latte Recipes

    When you think of summer fun, images of beaches, sunny weather, bbqs and outdoor activities may come to your mind. When thinking about summer beverages, the only image you think of is iced tea! It’s the ultimate beverage to consume in the summer and it’s easy to make! A super cold iced tea really... View Post
  • The Perfect Spring Tea Recipe

    We love to share with our customers some helpful recipes to add to their morning tea routine. And with spring here, it’s time to make a transition from hot soothing beverages to refreshing floral and fruit blends! After a long winter, we often feel sluggish from heavy foods and hibernation. But n... View Post