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  • All You Need To Know About Herbal Tea

    What is Herbal Tea? Herbal tea a.k.a. Tisane technically isn’t a tea when compared to teas like black, green or oolong. It looks like tea and is brewed like tea but they do not come from the Camellia sinensis bush, the plant from which all teas are made. It is an infusion drink which means that t... View Post
  • How To Serve High Tea With Delicious Earl Grey Recipes

    Maybe you drink most of your tea out of a thermos while rushing to work, barely stopping to savor it. If you really want to celebrate your love of tea, or just need an excuse to throw an afternoon get-together with friends, high tea may be just what you’re looking for. What Is High Tea? When Brit... View Post
  • While spicy ginger tea is a fantastic after dinner cup all on it’s own--or even as a sweet-tooth satisfying dessert substitute—it can also be the perfect accompaniment for your favorite sugary treat. Here are a few of our favorite desserts to pair with various ginger teas that have a delightfully... View Post