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  • Fifty Shades Of Earl Grey Tea

    Earl Grey tea spans beyond your typical Earl Grey tea. It comes in not exactly 50 shades, but more so a wide variety of blends to give you a twist to this timeless tea. Earl Grey is one of those teas that are versatile and can be blended with different tea types. Premium Steap offers a variety of... View Post
  • How To Serve High Tea With Delicious Earl Grey Recipes

    Maybe you drink most of your tea out of a thermos while rushing to work, barely stopping to savor it. If you really want to celebrate your love of tea, or just need an excuse to throw an afternoon get-together with friends, high tea may be just what you’re looking for. What Is High Tea? When Brit... View Post
  • How Earl Grey is Made: Bergamot Oil in Tea

    Earl Grey tea has been a staple in England since the 1820’s. A simple black tea blend flavored with bergamot oil, Earl Grey is reminiscent of Chinese tea blends that use similar ingredients. But what is bergamot oil, where does it come from, and how does it blend with black tea to form a combinat... View Post