Why You Shouldn’t Use Tea Bags

We aren’t anti-tea bags, we are just pro-clean tea! We believe that the tea that you drink and enjoy on a daily basis should be 100% pure with no additional chemicals. The use of tea bags can be compared to drinking tap water from your sink. What you are drinking is “water,” but not just pure water. You also get chlorine, fluorine compounds, arsenic, salts of radium, aluminium, copper, lead, mercury, cadmium, barium, hormones, nitrates, pesticides, etc. So the same with tea bags - you are drinking “tea” but in most cases, the tea bag contains unwanted chemicals. Paper tea bags can be coated with dioxin, epichlorohydrin or bleached in chlorine. Both can become active when exposed to hot water. Plastic tea bags, even though they may look better, they contain plastics like PVC or nylon that also exposes chemicals when steaped.

I know you are wondering… If you can’t use tea bags, how should you make your tea? First, switch from bagged tea to loose leaf tea. Loose leaf teas tend to have a better quality, taste smell, freshness and process. When you purchase tea bags, you many find yourself limited in the types of teas you can purchase. That’s because not all teas are intended to be locked in bags. When you consider how long some of those teas have been on the shelf, you may be startled at how they are outside of their recommended shelf life. Sometimes over 12 months overdue!

After you make the switch, purchase a tea strainer or filter to steap your teas. This will be better than the tea bags not only due to the lack of chemicals, but because it’s reusable! Check out our chemical free teaware here: https://premiumsteap.com/collections/teaware

It may be difficult for you to start drinking loose leaf teas especially if you have been so accustomed to teabags. Tea bags are convenient and fast to use. But as we have experienced with fast food, everything fast, is not always good for you. Loose leaf tea has more options and flavors that we are sure you will enjoy. Give our selection a chance by exploring our website at: https://premiumsteap.com/