Good Morning & Good Night Teas!

There is a reason why certain foods are consumed at night and why certain foods are consumed during the day. The eggs that you eat in the morning have the right amount of protein to supply you with energy to kick start your day. With dinner foods like steak, and pizza, they can weigh you down and make you drowsy. This same concept applies to the teas you drink. Teas in the morning can and should give you a boost of energy, and the teas you drink at night should be more subtle in taste to rock you to sleep.

So to know how to distinguish a good morning tea from a good night tea, we made some suggestions below by using our own loose leaf blends.

Good Morning Teas

When you talk about the perfect morning teas, the most common is black tea. Black holds the most caffeine out of all other tea categories, so it’s the perfect energy booster in the morning. Here are some of our most popular black teas:

Mt. Everest Blend

Our most popular tea of all time, this hearty and robust blend will start your mornings off right. The combination of Chinese Yunnan and Indian Assam makes a great alternative to English Breakfast.

London Fog Earl Grey

This is the alternative to standard earl grey that you've been looking for. With strong flavors of bergamot oil and the vanilla a sweet creaminess; it will be a tea you won't forget.

The zesty taste of chai also delivers an awakening taste.

Smokey Chai

Our smokey black chai with touch of lapsang, yields a spicy and smokey cup of tea that is great with milk in the morning.

Herbal teas can hold strong spices the liven up the senses.

Ginger & Turmeric Kapha

Strong spices make this tea the most intense composition among our Ayurvedic blends. A blend of ginger, coriander, whole cardamom, turmeric root, cloves and nutmeg. Yielding a spicy, slightly sweet and energizing cup.

Good Night Teas

These relaxing teas are here so you don’t have to count sheep every night. You’ve probably heard that chamomile tea is a great tea to help you relax before bed, and it is.

Organic Chamomile

If you want to try a more adventurous tea, our Organic Chamomile is for you. These whole Egyptian Chamomile flowers add calming qualities to slow down your heartbeat and relax your muscles. This tea is perfect for helping you get a good night’s sleep.

Sometimes you don’t have to rely on the taste to put you to sleep, but the smell. Floral fragrances have the ability to promote sleep. Lavender for instance, has thought to contain a calming fragrance.


Soothing blend with delicate floral aromas of lavender, orange blossoms and a hint of sweet linden tree. Also mixed with apple pieces, melissa leaves, and blackberry. A perfect bedtime tea.

So whether the sun rises or sets, you want to make sure you are balancing out your day with the right teas. To explore more of our options, visit our website at