Trick or Treat With Premium Steap

Who says trick or treating only has to be for kids? Adults have a yearning for sweets just like kids and sometimes with the same amount of cavities as well. This year for Halloween, you can still get your sugar fix without all the extra calories and sugar. Premium Steaps fall inspired teas are great sweet alternatives to Halloween candy, holiday treats and signature pies that we all crave during this season.

We all know that pumpkin is a popular option for the season, and you can “reap the tea harvest” with our new Sweet Pumpkin Harvest tea. This tea combines actual pumpkin pieces as the base for this tea, and fruit flavors to bring this spiced and sweet flavor to life! And remember that memorable Pumpkin Pie you mother or grandmother made for you as a child? Well now you can drink the flavors of you favorite fall treat with our Pumpkin Pie tea! We have a list of other Pumpkin based options such as Pumpkin Cream Cookie and out new Pumpkin Cream Latte.

Another season favorite is the sweet taste of apples. Some of our apple based teas are spiced with ginger and complemented with nuts and other spices.Try our Apple Ginger and Apple & Nuts tea options for a rich wintry mix of apple and spices. For an apple pie taste straight out of the oven, you will love our Apple Spice tea! The combination of apples, cinnamon and a hint of almonds is pure nostalgia.

As you see, most of our loose leaf teas are so naturally sweet that they provide minimal or no additive of sugar. Which will hopefully in turn, leave you cavity free. Our fruity, spiced teas or green tea fall options are naturally sweet and add an extra kick to any beverage. We are not tricking you when we say you will love out fall treats. So try them now!