How Young Is Too Young To Have Tea?

We have recently came across a few stories from parents who gave their children tea to drink. And when we say children, we mean as young as 6 months old. With that being said, it made us think, what is the appropriate age to start having your kids drink tea? Tea and other hot beverage can already have the danger of possibly spilling over and scorching a child skin if not handled correctly. But there is another reason why their is skepticism in the issue - the key component to some teas is caffeine. It is a stimulant and plays on the central nervous system. Kids can be pretty hyper even without the aid of caffeine, and with it, they are bouncing off of walls.Sleep issues can also arise when kids regularly drink caffeine.

If you would like to serve tea to your children, you should do it in very small amounts. According to the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) , you should follow the following amounts:

4-6 years old - No more than 5 mg

7-9 years old - No more than 62.5 mg

10-12 years old - No more than 85 mg

For toddlers and newborns - they can wait for their first cup of tea. The possible effects and risk that come along with caffeine is just not worth it.

Another alternative is herbal tea which can sometimes have no caffeine, but the same great taste! An excellent caffeine-free fruit tea with blood orange, pear, hibiscus, and natural flavoring like Blood Orange Pear is a great kid friendly drink.

You also do not want to steap the tea for more than 2-3 minutes as it could make the tea stronger if fully steaped.

We hope that these tips helped prepare yourself and child for their first cup of tea! If you are choosing a tea from Premium Steap, we are sure they will enjoy it! Check out of wide selection on our website to find the perfect match.