Sipping Tea As A Beginner v.s. An Expert

Tea was named by Best Toppers, just this year, as the most widely consumed drink in the world. For many, tea is a part of their daily routine and with such a diverse cultural background, it is unsurprising that it is such a popular choice.


With a variety of benefits, there are different levels of appreciation shown for this traditional beverage. Some tend to appreciate tea as much as they appreciate a new dinner plate. Not very exciting but it does the job.

However, there are a large number of people who are extremely passionate about tea and its rich history. If you are a beginner tea drinker, the simple pleasures of tea may be enough for you. But as you become an expert level tea drinker, you will begin to rely on the experience and the fragrance of your tea. Much like wine, there can be a certain craft that surrounds tea drinking.

The Simple Pleasures

The biggest different between beginner and expert level tea drinkers is the simplicity of tea. Whilst I’m sure we all enjoy the calm moments of sipping a fresh brew, the newer members of the tea drinking community tend to be content with whatever box they find at their local supermarket and continue on with their day.

However, expert level tea drinkers are often extremely aware of the different flavours, blends and even textures that teas have to offer.

Pairing Teas With Different Foods

Being aware of flavors and textures can bring a whole new experience to tea drinking. Much like a sommelier, many expert tea drinkers are aware of the perfect flavors that pair well with different foods.

For example, the robust flavoring of black teas tends to pair best with hearty foods such as beef and lamb. Similarly, fruit and scented teas, such as Earl Grey, are best paired with desserts.

Understanding The Health Benefits

It’s no secret that teas are renowned for their health benefits, herbal teas in particular. It has been regarded for thousands of years as a key to good health, happiness and wisdom in the East and many drink tea for those very reasons.

Green tea is possibly the most highly regarded tea for its health benefits and is said to prevent clogging of the arteries, burn fat, reduce the risk of a stroke, among other things. However, whether you are a beginner or an expert, tea provides many health benefits whether you are seeking them or not.

Beginner v.s. Expert

There is no wrong way to drink tea. Each cup is just as enjoyable and provides a moment of relaxation loved by every tea drinker, beginner or expert.

The question is whether you wish to develop that moment of relaxation into an enhanced experience. Your preference and experience will then allow you to categorize yourself into a beginner or expert tea drinker.