NEW Kombucha Plum Loose Leaf Tea!

You’ve seen it around your local grocery stores and may have heard it tossed around a few times in conversation. But what exactly is Kombucha? Kombucha is a fermented sweet tea. It’s a growing trend for health enthusiasts and organic lovers, and it’s growing into a staple beverage. It’s so popular, we have decided to make our own spin on this popular drink by creating our new Kombucha Plum Tea. But before we get into our delicious featured blend, let’s get find out more about Kombucha.

Don’t worry, saying it is just as hard as making it. Even though Kombucha is made with few and simple ingredients: tea leaves, sugar, yeast, bacteria, and sometimes mushrooms - it’s the process that takes the most time. The ingredients need to sit and ferment up to 2-4 weeks. After fermentation is complete, the drink literally takes form. The fermentation creates a jellyfish-like shape, and yes, it’s alive!

This live beverage claims to contain many benefits such as probiotics, stimulation of the immune system, and improve digestion, but no medical evidence can yet support these claims. However, just drinking the beverage is a benefit itself. It’s a refreshing, and tasteful drink that resembles a soda. (Without all the calories)

Unlike regular fermented Kombucha, our new Kombucha Plum tea is not active. This allows you to still get the distinct taste of Kombucha and the exotic blend of heavenly plum.

We all know it’s hard to try something new. But with so many people approving Kombucha’s taste and benefits, why not try it for yourself?

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