Japanese Canisters: Storing Your Teas

Nobody likes to see a decent tea turn flavorless. However, thanks to Premium Steaps Japanese Canisters, you can utilize our chic tea tins to help keep your flavors delightful with a longer life span. Our tins are water and air proof with a light-blocking configuration from tin-plated steel and hand-wrapped in energetic washi paper.

The Japanese canisters are multi-functional as well. They can also be used to store your favorite teas, as well as coffee, spices, pasta and grain. Our customers will not only enjoy the long-lasting quality of our tea canisters but the scents that arise with each removal of the lid.

In general there are a few rules to follow when storing your teas which we have highlighted below:

Keep Away From Oxygen

This rule is the reason why an air-tight storage is recommended. Tea must be kept free from oxygen. Leaves continue to oxidize over time with exposure to oxygen.

Keep Teas Cool

Heat creates moisture. Make sure your home temperature does not increase above 80 degrees.

Keep Away From Light

Sunlight has long been known to be the most effective method of destroying vampires but tea as well. Light-induced damage gives tea a metallic flavor. Sunlight and UV rays can also bleach your tea, destroying any aroma or flavor it might have acquired in processing.

Keep Away From Moisture

Tea leaves release their flavor when exposed to moisture. Because of this, you really don’t want to “steep” your tea until you actually “steep” your tea. Keeping your tea storage free of moisture isn’t just as simple as keeping the leaves away from visible liquids. Tea is hygroscopic, and will absorb moisture from the air. An airtight storage container is really all you need to block out moisture.

Like all good quality products, they provide a lot of care. Our teas are no different. To ensure that your teas are kept at their highest condition and flavor content, make sure you invest in the proper storage. Premium Steap has a variety of canisters and sizes  you can purchase in-store. We also have our NEW Canister Sampler online as the perfect holiday gift idea! Share this information with others and share with them a gift for the holidays. See here.