How to Start a Personal Tea Ritual

When we get busy, taking time for ourselves is the first thing to go out the window.  Running off to work with a granola bar and cup of coffee leaves you with no time to prepare for the day. It’s important not to forget to practice self-care even on the busiest of days. A simple way to incorporate self-care into your day is by creating a tea ritual. 

A tea ritual can be anything you want it to be, as long as it helps you take a moment for yourself. It’s a ceremonial way to enjoy every aspect of tea while letting yourself be present at the moment. Tea rituals date back to the 2nd Century BC when monks in China would drink tea to aid their meditation practices. Let’s look at how to create a tea ritual for yourself. 

Creating a Tea Ritual 

The best thing about tea rituals is that no two have to be the same. All that matters is what is most important to you to enjoy your tea ritual and allow yourself to relax. 

Choose Your Tea Vessel

The first step in creating your tea ritual is choosing what you’ll drink the tea out of. Everyone has a favorite mug in their cabinet. Or, you may have a tea set that you enjoy using. It’s important to use a mug, glass, tea set, or anything else that will enhance the tea ritual experience. 

Choose Your Tea 

Whether you’re a tea expert, or new to tea, choosing one for your ritual is an important part of the ceremonial process. It’s important to take your time choosing a tea that’s going to make your tea ritual a sacred experience. Don’t choose a tea that you drink regularly, find something special. 

Once you have chosen your tea, keep it in a special place in a container that speaks to you. Don’t just throw it in the cupboard with other teas, this one should be special and your actions should be specific to your tea ritual. 

Find a Relaxing Place 

The great news about creating your own tea ritual is you can practice it wherever you’d like. It can be at your table, in bed, your favorite spot in your backyard. It’s entirely up to you. 

Pick a Time of Day

Pick a time of day that will let you be as present as possible. Morning is a great time to put down your phone and unplug with a warm cup of tea, or perhaps in the middle of the workday for a break. This can help increase productivity for the rest of the day and let you get away from work or whatever the day brings for a moment. 

Final Thoughts 

Once you have created your tea ritual, it’s time to start practicing. Remember to be flexible, as this is a time meant to relax. Your ritual isn’t set in stone, and if you need to move it to a different time or place, that is totally fine. Sit back, relax and practice mindfulness with your personal tea ritual.