Featured Tea: Organic Dragon Pearls

Our Organic Dragon Pearls are a rare Spring-harvested green tea from the Zhejiang Province. These jade green balls have a sweet and mellow taste. The process is just like it’s taste as it is a reflection of its quality. It’s cautiously hand-picked and expertly rolled. The resulting large pearls unfurl to dramatic proportions while steeping, revealing aromatic earthy tones of caramelized sugar with undertones of chocolate.

Other features to this tea are as follows:

  • This tea has a high antioxidant and excellent coffee substitute.
  • The pearls will leave you feeling refreshed and re-energized.
  • The Jasmine Pearls will slowly unfurl during brewing, leaving a nice un-flowering show.
  • You get the best of both worlds as you get a combination of green tea and sweet jasmine.
  • This tea can usually be brewed more than once.

When you buy our new spring Organic Dragon Pearls, you are not just buying its taste, but the full experience and quality found with the unfurling of each ball. The tea is a beautiful to look at, and the light colored brew is full of floral and sweet aromas. So what are you waiting for? Order online here or stop by our Center City location to give our new tea a try!