Find Us Locally: The Monkey & The Elephant

There are more ways than you think to buy our teas. You are not just limited to our online shop or Center City Location. Our teas can be found at several local shops around the city. One of those shops is The Monkey & The Elephant in the Brewerytown section of the city. It’s Philadelphia’s first and only non-profit coffee shop employing former foster youth. By shopping from their shop you are also supporting former foster youth. The youth that go through the foster care system are at a greater risk of experiencing incarceration, homelessness and reliance on public assistance or welfare.

We want to say that we appreciate The Monkey and the Elephant’s determination and commitment to making a change to individuals in the foster system. If you thought our teas were good, tea tastes better knowing that it’s going towards helping a greater cause.

To visit this shop yourself, and experience all that it has to offer the community and it’s employees, we have listed the address below. And why not grab a cup of our tea, while you are there?

2831 West Girard Avenue
Philadelphia PA, 19130