No Coconut Milk Needed with These Rich, Flavorful Coconut Teas

For many people, summertime means daydreams of relaxing on a Caribbean beach with a refreshing coconut drink in your hand and steel drums playing in the background. But if you’re staring at a computer screen all morning instead of taking in a Caribbean sunrise, or setting up camp at the city pool instead of relaxing on a tropical beach, you can still get a taste of summer paradise with our coconut teas.

Our Coconut Teas are a Perfect Summer Drink

No need to add coconut milk to enjoy our delicious coconut teas. Whether you’re craving a fruity summer drink or something darker and more full-bodied, Premium Steap has you covered. Our coconut tea blends offer the rich tropical flavor you're craving, and chilling these teas will keep you cool and refreshed on hot summer days.

  • Coconut Oolong: If you’re dreaming of summer barbeques, try our Coconut Oolong tea with roasted coconut. The roasted flavor in this strong and creamy oolong blend will give you a taste of a summer barbeque, even if you’re stuck inside.
  • Coconut Chai: Do you love hot chai tea in the winter? For a seasonal twist, try our Coconut Chai with Masala Chai and coconut flakes. It’s delicious both hot and iced, and it can really help spice up your summer.
  • Organic Black Coconut: If you like darker teas, our Organic Black Coconut tea can’t be beat. The organic Nilgiri is dark, full-bodied, and smooth. Combined with toasted coconut, this flavorful tea is a perfect replacement for a cup of coffee on a summer morning. For a creamier feel, trying adding steamed milk.
  • Orange Cherry Coconut Pineapple: If you like piña coladas, try our Orange Cherry Coconut Pineapple tea. It’s bursting with fruity tropical flavors. Add ice to create a perfectly refreshing drink for a hot day. It’s also much healthier than an actual piña colada!

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Try Our Delicious Coconut Teas

Even if you aren’t able to relax under palm trees on a Caribbean beach this summer, our delicious coconut teas will make you feel like you’re there. From roasted coconut to fruity coconut teas, we will bring the beachy summer feel to you. Order online or stop by our Center City location to give our coconut teas a try!

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