Introducing Our New Organic Herbal Tea Flavor

Our new herbal tea flavor has arrived! Due to popular demand for our Organic Coconut flavors, we decided to give this customer favorite a kick! We added organic ingredients like Chili, Turmeric and Ginger to sooth and perfect to infuse. To break down each ingredient, we have listed their individual power to show just how flavorful this new herbal tea is!

  • Coconut
The difference between the taste of coconut and organic coconut is flavor. Once you try organic coconut you will be hooked on it's freshness and sweet taste. 
  • Chili
A pinch of Chili adds a hint of pungency and spice to this tea to waken the senses.
  • Ginger
Ginger adds another boost of flavor and makes this tea easy on the digestive system.
  • Black Pepper
What good is any spice without Black Pepper? Commonly added to almost every recipe you can think of. And now added to our new herbal tea to enhance it's spicy taste.
  • Turmeric
Turmeric has an immense number of benefits and any one who has tried it, knows just how far a small amount can go. We used a powerful pinch to add beautiful coloring and tart flavor. 

When you buy our new herbal tea, you are not just one flavor, but a combination of five powerful ingredients that will prepare you for tough fall and winter mornings. So wake up your taste! Order online here or stop by our Center City location to give our new tea a try!