Try Our Teas At Cafe Volo!

Cafe Volo is conveniently located in the heart of Manayunk. On the hip Main St. just off the Schuylkill River. With seating indoors and out, Volo is the perfect spot to people-watch as you will see cyclists headed for the bike trails, hipsters, shoppers and students taking advantage of the free wifi.

Volo has more to offer than just tea and coffee and pastries like traditional cafes. Volo stands out with its gourmet selection of breakfast and lunch favorites. Keep reading to see an image of their delicious Avocado Toast. Volo also makes things convenient for the eat-in customers with their ordering system. No waiting in line for your food. Order and pay at the counter and somebody brings your food and tea right to your table.

(Avocado Toast)

Though busy at times as it is a go-to for many locals in the area - the cafes atmosphere is warm and inviting and still quiet enough to enjoy a good read or conduct a small meeting with friends or business partners. The decor is simple and offers groups of tables toward the middle of cafe that can seat anything from a solo party to a party of four.

When it comes to the type of Premium Steap teas Volo offers, where do we begin? You get Premium Steap black tea classics like Earl Grey or Masala Chai. Green teas like Spring Melody or Moroccan Mint. Strawberry Bergamot and Heaven Rooibos for herbal teas just to name a few. And if you really want that extra touch added to your tea, Volo makes great lattes with our London Fog and Matcha tea.

(Pictured from left to right: Spring Melody, Raspberry Mint)

You can’t compare Volo’s good folks and good food. So if you are nearby, and want a sip of Premium Steap outside of home, visit Volo Coffeehouse. Their contact information is listed below:

Volo Coffeehouse
4360 Main St, Philadelphia, PA 19127
(215) 483-4580

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Monday 6:30AM–6:30PM
Tuesday 6:30AM–6:30PM
Wednesday 6:30AM–6:30PM
Thursday 6:30AM–6:30PM
Friday 6:30AM–6:30PM
Saturday 7:30AM–6:30PM
Sunday 7:30AM–6:30PM


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