Tips For Blending Teas

It’s normal to feel the need to want some change in your life. You may have gotten use to sipping your favorite teas morning after morning and evening after evening, but how about mixing things up - literally. Blending teas is easier than you might think and it’s a great way to make new and exciting flavors. So for those new to tea blending, here are some tips to make your next best blend yourself.

Take Baby Steps

If you are just starting out mixing teas, you may want to start slow. Try adding small amounts of the spices or herbs you like to the teas you drink. Then slowly, you may become interested in expanding your trials. Try using ingredients from your pantry – few spices, sprigs of herbs.

How Much Is Too Much?

With the flavors decided, the next step is to decide how much you want of each flavor. We recommend tasting each flavor by itself to get an idea of how powerful the flavor is. Then you will have to adjust accordingly. Either splitting the blend 50/50, 60/40 or 70/30. As you get more comfortable with blending you can increase or decrease the ratios based on what appeals to your taste buds.

Consider Brewing Temperatures

Temperature might need to be adjusted depending on the kind of tea you use. Since your are just starting, you should consider matching blends based on which families they fall in. For example, black teas brew at higher temps, while green, white, and herbal teas tend to brew better at lower temperatures.

The Truth Is In The Taste

And finally, the ultimate test when blending teas is the taste test. After brewing your tea, decide if your blend met your expectations. Blending is trial and error. So if your first cup is not to your satisfaction, you can adjust for your next cup. 

Mixing teas is about expanding your horizons and finding new blends that match your own tastes. We hope these tips can start you on your tea blending journey. To find teas that are pre-made with some of the most unique blends, visit

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