Novel-Teas? Find Rare Tea Trends

Tea has came a long way from just your basic black tea. With over approximately 3,000 types of teas in the world you will see that it comes in various forms and variety of leaves and continues to expand and evolve. Tea has recently seen a surge in trends that may make you ponder it’s value or question its taste. In this case, these 5 unusual teas, ranging from easily accessible to incredibly rare and expensive are sure to intrigue you.

Bubble Tea

You may have seen this trendy drink around local shops around your city. Bubble Tea was invented in the 1980s in Taiwan. A classic bubble tea contains a tea base mixed with either fruit or milk. Consumers have the option of customizing their drink by choosing to add tapioca balls or fruit jelly to the drink. It’s growing into a popular item in the US and comes in many variety of tea flavors you are already familiar with.

Garlic Tea

If you can get over the initially unpleasant flavor, you will be surprised by the additional energy and overall wellness that a daily cup of garlic tea is said to give. Garlic tea is a warm brew made with garlic cloves, which makes it easy to make in your own home, preferably with the windows open.

Panda Dung Tea

You may have to sell your house in order to try this tea. And as the name may suggest, it’s not actually made purely out of Panda dung. It's just fertilized with it. This Chinese tea is adored for not just its process but it’s taste. It’s valued so much that people can pay as high as 22,000 yuan (3,208 USD) for 50 grams. Are you willing to pay that much for quality tea?


Known for its sour taste, Kombucha looks just as weird as it sounds. The drink is prepared by fermenting the black tea with bacteria and yeast. It’s gained immense popularity to the point that you can see it in the aisle of your local grocery store.

Cheese Tea

Based on the title, an image of mozzarella or swiss cheese over tea may pop in your mind. But it’s not that kind of cheese you are thinking about. Cheese tea is the name for cold tea (usually green or black tea, with or without milk) topped with a foamy layer of milk and cream cheese and sprinkled with salt. This tea is offered at various franchises across the States, but is also easy to make at home as well.

So what teas are you brave enough (or wealthy enough) to try? Luckily you don’t have to spend that much to get great quality tea. You also don’t have to travel far to get any of the other weird drinks offered above. Premium Steap offers high quality blends without having to break the bank and our teas are also great to use as a base for making your own Bubble Tea or Cheese Tea at home. And as for Kombucha, you can get the taste without having to go through the long process of making it with by trying our Kombucha Plum Tea. So what are you waiting for? Take a risk, and try these new trends!