"Matcha" More Possibilities

Matcha Green Tea is the highest quality powdered green tea around. Originating in Japan, Matcha is made from the rich young leaves picked from the tips of shade-grown Camellia sinensis plants. Matcha Green Tea has a process that is just as unique as it grassy taste. It’s steamed, stemmed, and de-vined before being stoned into its renowned green powder. This tea is consumed in America casually, but has picked up in popularity in recent years with it’s multiple uses. Matcha means more. And we have highlighted more ways you can consume it and enjoy it below.

Drinkable + Eatable

Due to matcha being a powder, it can take form not only as a beverage, but as an ingredient in both sweet dessert dishes. You can find matcha is everything from matcha muffins, brownies and puddings, to matcha soup, stir frys, and even matcha guacamole!

Full Of Caffeine

If you need a boost of energy, look no further than Matcha. Since you’re consuming whole leaves in matcha, you may get three times as much caffeine than a cup of steeped loose leaf tea.  The tea's buzz is much more energising and longer-lasting. It's thanks to the amino acid L-Theanine, which slows the release of caffeine and has a calming, relaxing effect.

Tradition Based

Matcha is also a great way to get some zen in your life. The act of preparing Matcha was the primary focus in Japanese tea ceremonies. The association between meditation and matcha are commonly connected.

You don’t have to go to Japan to find authentic Matcha Green Tea. Premium Steap has fresh matcha green tea powder in-store and online! See below to shop out Matcha tea options.

Matcha Powder

Genmai-Matcha Tea