Find The Right Father's Day Gift

Looking for father's day gift ideas? Shop Premium Steap online and in-store for the father's day gifts that he really wants - tea! Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th which gives you more than enough time to find the perfect gift. Don’t settle for just any gift. How about giving dad a gift that is unique to him? Whether you describe him as a provider, disciplinarian, protector or lover, we have a tea for him. See below to see our list of gift recommendations:

The Provider

Fathers are central to the well-being of their children. The one attribute we believe every father strives for is to be a provider. Since he provides (or provided) you with food, shelter, clothing, etc., how about providing him with some of our best comforting teas?


A blend of cinnamon pieces, licorice root, whole cardamon, fennel, ginger, coriander and rose petals makes for a delicious and aromatic experience.

Coco Mate

Roasted mate combined with cocoa is enjoyable herbal cup for coffee and chocolate lovers. Contains mateine, similar to caffeine.

The Disciplinarian

It’s time to turn the tables on dad. Your disciplinarian father may be use to shouting out demands, but it’s time for you to make a few demands yourself. With a gift of tea, you can make him try new blends that are strong just like him. These teas are perfect for taming.

Barclay Prime Blend

Medium bodied tea that combines Ceylon blended black with Asian sweet lychee fruit. This is a proprietary blend made for Barclay Prime Restaurant in Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia. A great afternoon treat.

English Breakfast

A rich, classic blend of whole leaf tea from Assam, Sri Lanka and Nilgiri. Good tea to start your day English Style, with milk and sugar or plain.

The New-Dad

Starting the new job of being a father can be hard. We can’t help you adjust to this new position, but we can adjust you to being a new tea drinker. Start with one of our tea starter kits below:

Daddy Deluxe Starter Kit Package

Perfect gift for to introduce some special to the world of loose tea. Package includes 18 oz mug with infuser, two - 2 oz teas plus custom gift wrap. Includes 2 oz Mt Everest, 2 oz Moroccan Mint.

Mug Starter Package

Sleek and functional ceramic mug with built in infuser. 12 oz mug with bamboo handle (removable for washing). Package includes mug plus 2 - 1/2 oz tea. Available in two selections: Morning/Afternoon: Mt. Everest and Almond Rooibos OR Herbal: Mango Peach and Vanilla Rooibos.

The Lover

Have a loving dad? Check out our blend of tea that has a loving touch with added roses.

Earl Grey Rose

A revitalizing blend of black tea, bergamot, and rose petals.

Rose Garden

This tea is the perfect way to celebrate spring. Feel and taste spring. This is the perfect blend of black tea with strawberry, raspberry, rose and vanilla.

Also, remember that these gifts are not only for your father, but grandfather, uncle, brother, step-dad, cousin and even mom if she takes up two roles. We hope these gift ideas helped your search come to an end. Look no further than our shop