Hot Chocolate Alternatives

It’s now the season for hot beverages! You may have your favorites in terms of warm beverages to snuggle up with. From hot apple cider, peppermint mocha, or spicy chai. But there is one drink is a staple in everyone’s holiday tradition - hot chocolate. It is an oh-so-good way to warm up throughout the winter season, but the drink can also come with a lot of calories, preservatives, and sugar if you are buying it in-stores. So maybe it’s time to find an alternative. Premium Steap has a few alternatives in the form of tea so you can still enjoy a similar chocolatey drink without the added guilt.

Hot Chocolate Alternatives With Tea

Dark Chocolate

Our dark chocolate tea has a combination of broken cocoa bits, coriander, and natural flavoring. This will leave you as pleased as if you'd eaten a square of dark chocolate itself. As a black tea, this goes well with milk. These two ingredients alone will give you that reminiscent hot chocolate taste. 

Heaven Rooibos

This tea has ingredients like apple, organic cacao bean, chocolate bits, and peppermint to resemble a minty hot chocolate drink. Did you ever drink hot chocolate with a peppermint candy cane? Heaven Rooibos has a similar taste. It’s a great drink right around the holidays. 

Coco Mate

If you want a herbal rendition of hot chocolate, Coco Mate is the right choice! Roasted mate combined with cocoa makes this an enjoyable herbal cup for chocolate lovers. 

Suggested Milk

Now that you have your chocolate base, it’s now time to get the right milk. Of course, dairy milk makes for a creamy hot chocolate drink, but you can also use coconut milk, oat milk, soy milk, or any other variety of milk that you love.

If tea is not your tea, there are other ways to still get that hot chocolate taste. From raw cocoa, hot vanilla, or hazelnut you can use these as a base with added milk. Check out our website to explore more of our traditional and holiday teas!