All About Tea Filters

It’s hard to take a good photo without a filter. And for tea, the same rule applies. You can’t make a good cup of tea without a tea filter. Making tea without a filter would be like making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without jelly. So let’s just say that it is highly required. To help you understand the importance of tea filters, we broke down the best types of filters, why use filters and how to buy them!

Why Use Tea Filters

Tea filters are essential to get the perfect cup of loose leaf tea. You may notice that high quality teas are not pre-packaged in bags like tea found at your grocery store. With loose leaf tea, you get fresh tea without the removal of its distinct smell and rich ingredients. So to make tea, the right way, we use filters.

Types of Tea Filters

Today, there are various ways to make tea with filters. Some filters are pre-installed inside kettles and tea pots. And others are placed into your mug and cups. The type of tea filter you buy depends on the amount of tea you will be making and what you feel comfortable with.

Tea Bag Filters

Plastic tea bags in hot enough water will begin to break down. You will also see that most of the time the bags contain tea dust and broken leaf particles. With plastic, toxins are released into the tea. The more you drink tea in plastic tea bags, the more harmful your tea may become. As an alternative, paper tea bag filters are a better solution. However with paper, you have to make sure that it contains no chlorine, and is unbleached.

Built-In Infuser

If you are an on-the-go tea drinker, and only drink going to work or from work, a filter that is prebuilt into your mug or tumbler is ideal. These filters makes it easy to steap hot water into your cup and then remove the filter with no mess. 

Standard Infuser

A standard mesh tea infuser makes it easy to enjoy a mug of tea anytime. Most infusers fits any mug or standard teapot. The large basket and fine holes makes the perfect brew for all types of tea.

How To Use Your Filter

The type of filter you get shouldn’t determine your steap time. Steap time is always based on the amount of tea you use. So keep in mind that the filter you get will determine the amount of tea you are able to make.

But I bet you are wondering where you put your filter after you are done steaping? Some filters come with an infuser holder for you to cover your infuser then place your infuser when finished steaping.

How to Buy Tea Filters

With Premium Steap, you can buy tea filters online at or in-store! We sell chlorine free and biodegradable Paper Filters. They are extra large and are a convenient and a quick alternative to brewing baskets for loose teas.

If you are looking for something more long term, we also have a variety of mesh infusers as well. From Folding Infusers, Tea Strainer and various built in strainers for teapots, mugs, tumblers and kettles.

We hope that this breakdown has made you understand just how essential and easy it is to use filters. Loose leaf tea and filters are like ying and yang. You can’t make a good cup of tea without it!

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