What We're Sipping Now- Chinese Green

What We’re Sipping Now

By: Bonnie

Welcome to What We’re Sipping Now, our new blog bringing you the latest and favorites here at Premium Steap. I have worked at Steap for close to a year, and my favorite thing about joining the team is helping people find their new favorites. I first have to try them myself to be truly helpful, and I have had so much fun sampling what is new this Spring: our fresh selection of Chinese Green teas. Harvested this season, you’ll note that fresh Spring green tea has a noticeably richer taste and deeper smell than tea picked in the earlier parts of the year.

We have three all new types for you to get a taste of:

Ding Gu Da Fang is a bold new sweet green from the An Hui Province of China. For lovers of strong greens, this immensely popular Chinese tea will reinvigorate your love of all things sweet and simple with its long finish and hint of chestnuts. If you love the powerful flavors of Chinese green tea, then look no further than Ding Gu Da Feng.

Our Organic Maojian is already flying off the shelves. Originating in the Henan Province, this everyday green will give you the perfectly smooth start to your day that we all need. With an understated sweetness and mellow finish, a cup of this tea invokes springtime and relaxation. Our Maojian is also our most affordable Chinese green selection.

For an inspirational mid-range green, try our Organic Yue Xi Cui Lan. Straight from the Da Bie Mountains deep within the An Hui province, this light and lively tea helps you celebrate springtime from the moment you look at its lush green leaves. A classic tea, both smooth and sweet, Yue Xi Cui Lan is perfect for your morning and evening tea rituals. Savor and enjoy!

A personal favorite of many of us here at Premium Steap is our bestselling Chinese green Lu An Gui Pian. This full-bodied tea is sweet, floral, and packs enough caffeine to really wake you up when you need it most. With repeated infusions it just gets sweeter and sweeter to help round out your day to the fullest potential.

Regardless of your choice, you are sure to select a delicious, full-bodied tea. But why choose just one? Currently in my pantry, I have Lu An Gui Pian and Yue Xi Cui Lan, although they are quickly running out!

I hope you enjoyed this first installment of What We’re Sipping Now. Look out soon for the next one.

Pleasant Sipping!