Alternative Ways to Use a Tea Thermos

Nothing beats sipping on a hot cup of tea in the morning, especially on a chilly day while commuting to work. A tea thermos is especially useful for keeping your beverage hot for a longer period of time, so they quickly become a tea lover’s best friend during long meetings or an otherwise monotonous workday.

Now, with more people working from home than ever, tea thermoses are seeing much less use. With stay-at-home orders and worldwide lockdowns in effect, there is less of a need for an “on the go” option and people are opting for simple brews in small cups and mugs, not thinking of the many uses and conveniences a tea thermos can bring.

The three methods listed below are just some of the many ways a tea thermos can be useful and, with all the alternative uses available, you will quickly realize how genuinely handy your insulated flask can really be!  


Although the main function of a tea thermos is to keep your beverage hot while on the go, it can still serve you while working from home! Instead of constantly having to disrupt your work schedule to brew and steep tea, you can simply do it once and drink to your heart’s content.
The average tea thermos ranges from 16 ounces to 40 ounces, giving you the ability to have multiple servings of tea with a single steep. This will help you be more productive while working at home, limiting distractions and time wasting, while simultaneously giving you a tasty treat to sip on all through your Zoom meeting.

Cold Brewing

Most tea thermoses have the ability to keep your beverages cold as well! The double insulated walls of many brands of thermos flasks give you the versatility to steep your tea leaves in the fridge overnight. Simply add the amount of sugar (if any) to your drink while still hot and place the thermos in the fridge. In the morning, all you need to do is add a couple of ice cubes and that’s it! You will have a cool, healthy and refreshing drink to last you the whole workday. 

Fruity Water

Speaking of healthy and refreshing, you can easily make a cold drink with just a few simple ingredients! Add some water to your tea thermos and a few of your favorite fruits into the stainless-steel tea-leaf strainer which comes with most tea thermoses. Leave it in the fridge overnight and, in the morning, add some ice cubes to finalize your fruity beverage! You can also do this as a last-minute drink idea, instead of leaving the ingredients to combine overnight.

Add mint for a cool, refreshing flavor that is sure to wake you up in the morning. You can also opt to add a sour kick, by adding slices of citrus fruits, such as lemon, orange or grapefruit. This is a great alternative to fruit concentrates and flavored water additives found on the market today!

Just because you are no longer constantly running out of the house to work or to run errands, doesn’t mean you should put down your handy tea thermos. There are many uses and alternatives to a tea thermos which will virtually guarantee a healthier lifestyle and an overall more productive workday! 

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